Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Look Back at our NY Times Interview

"I Love It" was repeated several times during this exclusive New York Times interview when 100 schools across the United States competed for the Rising Star Award from the Papermill Playhouse. Miss Paula Ohaus was interviewed on behalf of Hoboken High and she quoted, "500 students occupy Hoboken High School and 150 of them have a passion in the arts and are involved in our theatre program." That's pretty remarkable.
Joshua Delgado, an athlete turned artist and lead performer talked to the cameras about opening his eyes to what he was capable of after choosing theatre.

Hoboken High School theatre students are proud to say that they started with very little and to date, they are proud to be supported by the community. They are eagerly looking forward to this spring's performance of Hairspray and are happy to look back at this interview with their hearts in the right place for the future.


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